About Us

PLUS CARGO spa is a Holding established in 2011 with the goal of covering specific airfreight market requests. The core business of the Holding is to represent, sell for and assist airlines in the Cargo business. The Holding acquired four compagnies, acting on Italian market for 20 years, to satisfy the different airlines’ procedures and the carriers’ needs required by their GSSA. These companies have the chance to share all the experiences and knowledge through the Holding. Each company has its own team, entirely devoted to the sales and to serve the single airline represented in all its needs. PLUS CARGO has increased all the possible synergies in order to control costs and enhance operational efficiency. Special attention has always been given to new technologies and software which can help the optimization of the work between the Holding’s companies and the airline.

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All PLUS CARGO offices are equipped with IT technology: ADSL telephone lines, Microsoft 7platforms, and a personal operational software used both in import and export operations and which was developed by the Holding’s team members. This technology is in accordance with the needs of the principal airlines served: Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, British Airways, Iberia, etc. PLUS CARGO’s commercial offices in Milan, Brescia, Venice, Florence, Bologna and Roma Fiumicino, are strategically placed in order to meet all of the airlines’ needs in the best possible way. PLUS CARGO due the own capillary air freight market control (serving settle more than four hundred IATA agents and not) all of the North and Central Italy.